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Seasonal Tip

Spring Is Here!

It may seem early, but the time is now! Use this time to research, interview and hire a landscape professional for the upcoming season. Early contacts will put you at the top of the list and get your project completed during the beginning of the season so that you may be able to enjoy your landscape sooner!

Design/Build: These two terms are generally attached to landscape firms that handle the entire process of research, design and the actual installation of your future landscape project.

We know that with snow and ice in the forecast the last thing on your mind is landscape improvements. On the contrary, the best time to begin the interviewing process for landscape development is right now. You want to have all of the details and plans ready so your project will be set to go.

Check our "How to Hire a Landscape Professional" section on this website for insight on selecting the right firm.

The Process: The landscape design phase is the most important phase of the development process. The initial meeting with your new designer gives both parties a taste of how the process will unfold.

Most designers' will work from concepts and budgets at first until you are comfortable with the direction. Don't be afraid to give your contractor the budget that you had in mind. This will relieve the tension and guesswork from your designers' mind. If you have hired a professional they will be honest and do everything in their power to get you the project that you and your family deserve. Revisions may be made depending upon your involvement and opinions.

You have to be very comfortable with the chosen contractor, it's your property and you want to be very happy about your decisions. Ask for samples or pictures of materials proposed for your project. After all of the necessary details and revisions have been made, your landscape plan is now ready to take shape!

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